General Information

Welcome to the English International School of Tampere. We offer licensed private education and daycare for 1 year up to 8 year old children. We teach virtues as an integral part of the curriculum that focuses on English as a foreign language. We teach children how they can learn new things.

Internationally educated teachers guide the children in a stimulating atmosphere of music, art and play. We offer full day care at three locations in Tampere. There are Babyland, Playschool, Kindergarten, and Preschool groups suited to your child’s educational needs. For the Tammela and Amuri School children, we offer the “Homework Club” after school care.

A typical day at the school includes singing, discussing the Virtues of the week in English and Finnish, language games, outside play and handwork. Each week we focus on a virtue and theme such as: Kindness and Animals, Creativity and Colors, etc. The school offers a variety of quality educational toys, games and activities that are suited to your child’s interests. The dynamic curriculum has been researched, written, developed and tested in Tampere  since 1989 by experienced, internationally educated professionals to ensure that the highest standards of modern foreign language and preschool education are met. The children may have breakfast, lunch and a snack at the school. The children enjoy daily outdoor activities in the nearby playgrounds, weather permitting.

Circle Time


The English International Institute provides the English Playschool, Kindergarten, and Preschool with curricula suited to your child’s age and ability group. The Playschool also uses the Anisa Model of Process education. Our main educational objective is to guide children through interactive educational environments in such a way to as to help them actualize their potential at an optimum rate. We show and tell the children how to learn and then let them use those processes to master their own learning.

We teach an introductory unit to the school along with 20 other units including a month on ANIMALS and their environments, MATH, ABCs and a month about Children from Around the World! That’s us!

The children receive Virtues training (friendliness, responsibility, honesty, cleanliness etc.) along with these subjects to provide them with a good solid foundation during their early stages of development. The learning is attained in an atmosphere of positive praise and motivation. Students frequently work together in cooperative groups. The 5 and 6-year-old children are expected to speak English in the classroom if they can, except during Finnish classes (Preschool).